Should I hit that delete button?

The delete button sits there staring at me. Every time I write what is on my mind I have to contemplate whether I should hit it. That would probably be the wisest choice I could make or anyone could make.

Let those mixed up thoughts sit there for a while. Read them back to yourself before sending it out into the universe. If it doesn’t make sense to yourself it is doubtful it would make sense to anyone else.

Now that I read back to myself my ramblings of the past year I have to make that decision of whether or not to delete it all.

That delete button is growing larger by the minute.

An Impossible Equation

I’ve heard one too many times “Everything happens for a reason.” and “There is a reason for everything.”. I assume the phrases were developed to cope with what you cannot control rather than there being a solution. I can assure you it is easier to believe the phrases as they are written than to find out for yourself the reason.

My sole plan to investigate the reason behind everything was a quest which was sure to fail. Every second of every day the factors are multiplied. The problem in solving the equations of the universe is that it is based on compound variables. To solve one (Everything) requires solving the other (The Reason) and vice versa.

To further complicate things is that the reason may not have occurred yet or it may have happened immediately. Then there is the matter of determining whether “Everything” means everything that has ever occurred since the dawn of time or does each individual action have a distinct separate meaning.

It seems to be as perplexing as wondering where the universe ends. Can there actually be an end to nothing?

Then again maybe I’m just looking too far into a phrase.

What is Original Anymore?

What is the definition of being original in this modern world? What can be said that hasn’t been said before?

When we are born we are original. After this event we become a copy of those around us. The inspiration of others molds us into who we are. We may improve upon an idea or process but is it original or just unique?

The mass use of electronics has allowed millions of people to show their works. Whether it be in the form of writing, art, music, or just their observation of life. They may not have copied directly from one another but since we are living in the same day and age there will likely be similarities.

Take a boat for instance. Groups of humans from around the world who had never met were able to create boats. The boats and ships were of different shapes and sizes but were still boats none the less. At that point was a boat original? If it was never made before it couldn’t be a copy.

If I were to make an experiment. I would take two different groups and give them a goal to solve a problem with a new product. With the common knowledge between them the end result would likely be similar to one another. The final products could still be unique.

This same occurrence happened during the advent of the two most common forms of electric transmission. One group created AC current and the other DC current. They were both similar in the production and distribution. Was either original? In my opinion, No. They were both forms of electricity hence I would say they were just unique.

To be original I would say something would have to be like no other. Now lets take a look at everything around us. Is there anything we see original in those terms?

The One Who Loved Too Much

There once was a man who seen good in everyone he met. Many times he was called a fool. He fell in love too easily. He never tried to fall in love it just happened. It never took much to set off that part of the brain. Love seemed to come to him. At first he hated it. To him it was a curse. Then he realized that it was not him but everybody.

There seems to be a false sense of attraction between strangers. On the surface is a superficial sense of love. Medically or psychologically it may be able to be explained. It may be a chemically induced feeling of love. It tends to be short lived once people get to know one another. The initial attraction effect is used up and everything else about one another is not enough to sustain the chemical romance.

So here is question. Why is it so easy to love a stranger yet hate those that you know or have loved before? It is a question that has to have been asked before. Somewhere the answer may be held. I suspect it was discovered once before and to keep it from the world it was placed high upon a mountain so no man could gain the hidden knowledge.

Until it is discovered once again there will be many more who love too much.

Love It or Hate It

That funny thing called “Life”. With Love also comes its nemesis Hate. With out one there couldn’t be the other. Even those who seem as if they couldn’t be hateful or vindictive. They can as long as they are pushed to their breaking point. Even the nicest of people are able to turn to rage given the right circumstances.

There is a children’s saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.” This on the surface is true. A name will not physically harm someone. They of course do harm ones psyche.

Many of the things said with hate to someone throughout their life are forgotten in the short term. They are pushed back in the mind. It becomes a weakness in even the strongest willed human. Without knowing it everyone has been bullied in one way or another.

Given the right circumstance someone can utilize those weaknesses. They can make anyone show hate.

There is also the protection factor. If a loved one is harassed or attacked either mentally, physically, or even in spirit, hate will come from within. Those that love the one affected will defend them and hate will be brought forth with vengeance.

These may be points that are common knowledge but perhaps it can be a reminder that we all hate. We all have a breaking point.

It is all a matter of time.